Freelance Sports Photographer | Adventure Enthusiast | Athlete
As a professional freelance photographer, my lens captures the essence of grueling endurance events, adventure travel, and the exhilaration of sports. With a unique blend of photography expertise and firsthand experience as an athlete, I bring a dynamic perspective to every shot.
Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Photography, I showcase not only a keen eye for detail but also a deep commitment to the craft. Over the last 7 years, 
my primary focus has been on sports photography, allowing me to continually refine my skills.
Having conquered races across diverse terrains—from the challenging landscapes of Uganda and Scotland to the majestic heights of the Himalayas—I infuse my passion for endurance into my photography. Specialising in sports events, I am adept at deploying on foot to seize the perfect shot from virtually any location on-site. Whether it's navigating 20 kilometers into a mountainous marathon course, scaling the face of a rock wall, or sea kayaking in the North Sea, I understand that capturing the best photo often requires going the extra mile (or 10!), and I have the experience to deliver.
With over a decade of photography experience, my portfolio spans a wide spectrum, including newspaper coverage, portrait sessions, fashion shoots, weddings, and events of all sizes. However, my primary focus and expertise lie in the dynamic world of sports photography.
My versatility and keen eye for detail ensure that every photograph tells a compelling story, reflecting the true spirit of the moment.
Let me bring your vision to life through the lens—where passion meets precision, and every image is a testament to the extraordinary beauty found in the world of sports and adventure.
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